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Save $70 off any set of Bridgestone tires,

and $50 off select Firestone tires at any one of our 12 locations!

Good October 10 - October 26

Mock Tire At Country Club Road
4752 Country Club Road

Mock Tire at South Park
3131 Peters Creek Parkway
Mock Beroth oct.jpg

Mock Tire at Stratford Road
834 S Stratford Road

Mock Tire at Robinhood Road
5385 Robinhood Rd

Shattalon Tire
5780 Shattalon Dr

Mock Tire at Lexington
2012 Cotton Grove Rd

Stokes Tire
557 South Main St

Beroth Tire at Madison
711 N Highway St

Mt Airy Tire
1380 Carter St

Beroth Tire at Kernersville
731 E Mountain St

North Elkin Tire
2050 North Bridge St

Mooresville Tire & Automotive
1037 N Main St
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